Top 100 Best Android Apps in 2017 (FREE)

Wondering what are the must have android apps in 2017? Here is the list of 100 best android apps (FREE). These are the most exciting android market apps.

The ever changing (or should i say ever Upgrading) Android platform is so vast that it is hard to get the best out of it. Luckily there are thousands of android apps at google play store to easy our various day to day tasks. But still you can not be sure of which app is safe for your android mobile and which app you should better avoid. Android app developers are flooding android app store with hundreds of applications per day and you might get confused which one is best for your phone.

Every android phone user have different needs. Also lets not forget that every android phone have different specifications. So keeping these things in mind we have chosen here 100 best android apps from the google play store that are free to use. Please note that this list is subject to change and every month we update this with new android apps. So here are best android apps of 2017:

Best Android Apps

100. Expense Manager
Free Android Apps
We all need a budget and expenditure app. This app is developed by Bishinews and have lots of feature that are needed to make a perfect budget.
99. Smart Compass
Free Android Apps
A Fun app specifically for teenage boys and girls. You can use this app to find right directions. The app is developed by Smart tools co. and is a part of Smart tools kit on android app store.
98. CM Browser
Free Android Apps
Speed and security are the two things that make this browser stand out from other browsers. This app is just 1.98 MB in size and thus you can understand that how useful it could be for small smart phones. It is developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc.
97. VLC For Android
Free Android Apps
The infamous audio-video player is available on android platform too. However unlike its pc counterpart, VLC for android is much much better and useful. It is developed by Videolabs.
96. Oxford Dictionary
Free Android Apps
Now you can have a pocket dictionary that can be in your pocket all the time. Mobisystems Oxford Dictionary fulfills the need of a real dictionary and you can improve your vocabulary.
95. Candy Camera For Selfie
Free Android Apps
If you don’t have a good selfie phone then you should not worry as Candy Camera for selfie would do the task for clicking an amazing selfie for you. The app is developed by JP brothers. inc
94. Torch – Tiny Flashlight
Free Android Apps
Nikolay Ananiev’s Torch works good in dark and you could always keep this handy app in you mobile as it wont occupy much space.
93. OneFootball
Free Android Apps
If you are a big soccer fan and want all the news and updates about the game then OneFootball is best app for you. The app is developed by OneFootball GmBh.
92. Zomato – Food Review
Free Android Apps
Whether you want to find a good restaurant or you want to know about the best dishes served by a particular restaurant you can always use Zomato for that. This amazing app can also be used to order food.
91. MX Player Codecs (ALL)
Free Android Apps
If you have MX Player installed in your phone then you should surely use this app so that you can easily play all video extensions.