Top 60 Best Paid Android Apps (2017)

Here is our pick of 60 best paid android apps. These apps are not free on google play store but these are surely must have paid android apps.

The android operating system has provided such wide area of experimentation for programmers that every now and then we are introduced with amazing apps. Some of them are free while some of them are paid android apps. Android has given such wide list of apps to users that it often gets confusing to opt for which one and leave which one out.

Worry no more, as we have compiled a list of 60 most useful paid android apps that you can buy. Here is the list of 60 best paid android apps:

Top Paid Android Apps

60. JetAudio Music Player Plus
Paid Android Apps
The best thing about JetAudio Music player is the equalizer and amazing sound effects. There are 32 equalizers presets and you can play almost any digital media file.
59. Unified Remote Full
Paid Android Apps
The universal remote control that you always wished for is here. You can control windows, mac or Linux OS with this app.
58. Cryten – Icon Pack
Paid Android Apps
If you are looking for beautiful and neat icons then this cheap app has got it all.
57. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Paid Android Apps
This app basically wakes you up at the very perfect time, the natural time for you to wake up in the morning.
56. Smart IR Remote
Paid Android Apps
This is universal remote control for TVs and Other home appliance. A bit costly but worth it android app.
55. AirSync iTunes Sync AirPlay
Paid Android Apps
This app will make a universal playlist between your android phone, iphone and mac pc.
54. iSyncr
Paid Android Apps
iSyncer will sync unlimited playlists on various media devices.
53. Allcast Pro
Paid Android Apps
This is pro version of Allcast and if you have used the free version then you know how efficient and useful this android app is. Allcast will cast you photos and audio files from your android device to your TV or xbox.
52. Mobile DOC Scanner
Paid Android Apps
You can scan any kind of document with this app and then convert it to PDF format and easily share it with anyone. Plus point is you will get refund if you didn’t like the app.
51. AfterLight
Paid Android Apps
Afterlight is a Very easy to use photo editing app with simple and interactive design.