Top 60 Best Paid Android Games 2017

Here is the 2017 edition of the best paid android games ever. Of course you have to pay for these android games on google play store but they are worth it.

Android platform become so popular because it gave the game developers an advantage of developing better and more interactive games. People were no longer using mobiles for just call and texting but were rather demanding for multiple features. Apple’s iOs was the first to break typical barriers of mobile operating system and Blackberry’s OS was equally popular as well. However it was Android that became a household name and the most popular mobile operating system. The popularity of Android was further increased by its feature rich games.

The Google Play store provides free games as well as paid android games. Here we have chosen 60 best paid android games:

Best Paid Android Games

60. Air Attack HD
Android Games Paid
This game is advertised as World War 2 Air Shooter game. You have to pass 10 difficult missions and you can unlock dozens of special weapons (with multiple upgrades). Also there are 64 different armies you have to compete with.
59. Air Control
Android Games Paid
The Free version of Air Control is very popular but has lot of ads. The paid version has 4 different maps. You have to land large AirBuses, medium sized aircrafts and small airplanes along with helicopters on the destined position. Make sure the planes do not crash each other. Else your game is over.
58. Colin McRae Rally
Android Games Paid
If you like Off-Road Racing games then Colin McRae Rally can suffice your hunger. This motor racing game is known for its cool graphics and wide varieties of motor vehicles.
57. Farming Simulator
Android Games Paid
Farming Simulator is very successful farming game and there are valid reasons for it. First of all the developers keep the game updated and fix bugs and errors as soon as they get to know about it. Secondly it is massive farming game set in open world so you have a lot of space and the 3d graphics are as realistic as it gets.
56. Predators
Android Games Paid
The popular sci fi franchise is has a game on it on Android. It is developed by Angry Mob Games. As shown in Predators films, the titular character is blood thirsty warrior of other galaxy whose kill for sport and fun. Interestingly the developer decided to make them as the game hero. They have to kill highly skilled human beings in battles.
55. Final Fantasy Series (1 to 7)
Android Games Paid
Final Fantasy is probably one of the most popular games on the planet. The game has been in pop culture for past 3 decades but still it has crazy fan following. Luckily Android platform too have Final fantasy game series. Even though it is one of the heaviest (uses up to 2 GB space) and costliest (costing more than 20$) game yet it is among the top most played paid games on android.
54. Bridge Constructor
Android Games Paid
Everyone likes construction games. Bridge constructor is one of the coolest and most unique paid android games. You have to make bridges on deep valleys and mountains of the fictional island of camatuga. There are 18 different levels and its fun to play all the levels.
53. Star Wars! Kotor
Android Games Paid
There are dozens of paid Star wars games on google play store but Star wars Kotor beats all of them due to its intriguing story line and interesting missions. KOTOR stands for Knight of the Old Republic and it is a cool RPG game. You can play a hero or a villain. Choice is yours on which Side of Force you choose.
52. Five Nights At Freddy’s 2
Android Games Paid
Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is a unique horror game. You play the role of a night security guard and you have to keep eye on Freddy Fezbar and his 2 friends (all are robots). There will be frequent power cuts and Freddy and is two friends might change their positions. So you have to find them each time they change position.
51. Lost Journey
Android Games Paid
The background music and scenario is what adds to the beauty of the game. The story of the gameplay is also intriguing. You have to guide an angel Jennifer to the heavens using her memories, travelling through time and space and reversing gravity.