Top 30 Adorable Bald Actors (2017)

Celebrities loose hair too. So don’t worry about your looks if your hairs are thinning. Here we have listed 30 bald actors who looks amazingly handsome and attractive.

Recently one of my friends shaved his head completely after facing hair fall problem since past one year. He felt ashamed of his new look but his friends including me were actually impressed from his new look. I think no bald man should be made fun of. There are millions of people around the globe who have hair fall problems. Cancer patients shave their heads during chemo therapy. This post about most adorable bald actors is dedicated to all those amazing people who lost hairs but not their personality. There are hundreds of actors (and thousands of celebrities) who are bald but never shied away from public. In fact they adapted it and became inspiration to millions of people globally. Here are 30 bald actors who are amazingly talented and handsome:

Bald and Beautiful Actors

30. Michael Chiklis
Bald Actors
Emmy winning actor Michael Chiklis is bald since 90s and his personality look amazing.
29. LL Cool J
Bald Actors
LL cool J is credited as the first rapper who made rapping popular among non americans. His song like ‘I Need Love’ was loved globally.
28. Ron Howard
Bald Actors
No one can deny that Ron Howard is great director. His Apollo 13 and A Beautiful mind were master piece.
27. Dean Norris
Bald Actors
Dean Norris performance in Breaking bad was mind blowing. People often give most credit to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for the success of Breaking Bad. But Dean Norris played his part amazingly well.
26. Taye Diggs
Bald Actors
You will hardly see Taye Diggs not smiling. He is a happy go lucky man. He is a class actor too.
25. John Cena
Bald Actors
John cena is not actually bald but loves to keep his head shaved on many occasions. Every time he shaved his head, he looked amazing.
24. Chris Daughtry
Bald Actors
Chris daughtry is a living example of dreams does come true. The American Idol winner has sold millions of albums around the globe. His band Daughtry has a good fan following.
23. Steve Harvey
Bald Actors
How much people love Steve Harvey? Well, he announced the wrong Miss Universe winner and still people supported him and called him one of the best anchor/host in world.
22. Michael Jordan
Bald Actors
Michael Jordan is among the most respected athletes in the world. His career in NBA is like a fairy tale.
21. Corey Stoll
Bald Actors
Corey stoll is not only admired by his male fans but he actually has a very huge fan following in girls too. If you make a list of most handsome men in present day Hollywood then make sure to add Corey.