Top 100 Best Albums (2017)

What are the best albums of all time? Hundreds of albums are released every year ranging from pop albums to rock albums to hip hop albums but only few make it to the list of best albums ever.

Producing an album is not an easy task. Specially if you are working with a band. You have to keep in mind f so many things. From the theme of the album to music to song writing and to progression of songs in album. It is very difficult task and that is why many musicians prefer to work alone. We have seen so many good bands that promised to become great but fell down after two or three albums. Guns N roses and Nirvana are two good examples.

There are very few albums that came close to perfection. As it is universally accepted fact that every album have at least one dull song that didn’t connected with the audience. However there are still many albums that not only were loved by critics and audience but also inspired other musical geniuses.

Here we have compiled list of 100 greatest albums of all time

Best Albums Of All Time

100. Here’s Little Richard by Little Richard
Best Albums
Released in 1957, The album is considered as the finest rock and roll album of 50s. Long tall Sally and Tutti Frutti were included in the lists of greatest songs of all time by many music magazines.
99. Baby One More Time By Britney Spears
Best Albums
Britney Spears end of the millennia album is considered to be fresh and breath taking musical. It sold around 29 million copies world wide.
98. Spice by Spice Girls
Best Albums
When your music crosses boundaries and became equally popular in nations where English is not even mother tongue than only you can understand how powerful music is. That’s what Spice girls showed us with their album Spice.
97. A Love Supreme by John Coltrane
Best Albums
Miles Davis and John Coltrane are considered to be greatest Jazz Saxophonist of all time. A Love Supreme was released by Coltrane under the impulse record and he showed his marvelous skills and made millions of fans.
96. At Fillmore East By the Allman Brothers Band
Best Albums
How popular a Live ‘stage performance’ album could be? Allman Brothers Band’s At Fillmore East showed how a musician should connect to audience and also how to improvise on stage and deliver powerful music.
95. Music From Big Pink By The Band
Best Albums
The Band’s debut album ‘Music From Big Pink’ had wide versatility of music ranging from country to rock to soul. The Weight is still loved by audience and is used in many movies.
94. The Anthology by Muddy Waters
Best Albums
Muddy waters The Anthology was a compilation album and it not was loved by audience but it inspired many other musical greats such as Jimmi Hendrix and Bo Dylan. In fact Mick Jagger and Keith Richards even named their band after the hit song of Muddy Waters’ Rollin’ Stone.
93. Forever Changes by Love
Best Albums
Love’s Forever Changes album was described as the most heartfelt musical words of a lyrical great. It was one of the finest musical album and is loved even today.
92. Horses by Patti Smith
Best Albums
Patti Smiths’ Horses was a bold rather controversial musical album. But one have to agree that the music was much ahead of its time and she is often credited as the one who popularized punk rock.
91. Breakfast in America By Supertramp
Best Albums
Supertramp’s Breakfast in America was a much better album than the band’s previous release and it connected with audience so much that for the next decade too the music was on top.