Top 5 Best Running Shoes For Women in 2017

Before you go any further I want to tell you that ASICS manufactures the best running shoes for women. It was ASICS that broke the perception of other footwear companies that women can use the same running shoes as men. Luckily several other companies understood this fact quickly and competed with ASICS in manufacturing the best women’s running shoes.

Whether you are a marathon runner or just love to jog in the park every morning, you do need a good pair of shoes so that you do not get yourself hurt. We have picked up the 5 best running shoes of 2017 for you:

Best Women’s Running Shoes 2017

5. New Balance 990V3
Best Running Shoes For Women
New Balance 990V3 Running shoes for women earned the fifth spot in this list by beating Brooks Ghost 8 and Skechers GOrun Forza. New Balance 990V3 is the only running shoes in the list that costs over $100. The reason we picked it up is because New Balance 990V3 justifies its cost with excellent performance. They will probably be the most light weight running shoes you will ever wear. They are highly recommended to people with Plantar Fasciitis (Choose Custom insole for that). If your work requires you to stand all day on your shoes then you should opt for 990V3.
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4. Saucony Cohesion 9
Best Running Shoes For Women
Saucony Cohesion 9 and Saucony Guide 9 are the two best running shoes for women in 2017. However I would recommend Saucony Cohesion 9 over Guide 9 because Cohesion 9 defeats its counterpart in terms of comfort, design and price. Cohesion 9 provides a great support to high arch runners. If you have a high arch then these are the very best running shoes for you. Saucony shoes are known for their durability. Cohesion 9 hold it true as you can run thousands of mile and the shoe will not tear off.
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3. Nike Lunarguide 7
Best Running Shoes For Women
Nike Lunarguide 7 running shoes for women gets a good competition from the other shoes of the company mainly Nike Zoom Vomero 10, Nike Revolution 2 and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 3. Pricewise Nice Revolution 2 are good shoes but if you are willing to pay 15 to 20 dollar more you can surely get the best rated running shoe of Nike – Lunarguide 7. What I particularly liked about Lunarguide 7 is that they are flash running shoes. This helps a lot to night runners. Nike Lunarguide 7 is best recommended to pronator (Runners who keep most weight of their body on the inside edge of their feet). If you have flat feet than you will over pronate and thus you need running shoes that help in controlling the motion. Nike Lunarguide 7 is helpful to over pronators. Most amateur runners do not know about the importance of choosing right apparel and running shoes. Nike knows it and that is why it focuses on such design that amateur runners do not get hurt easily and walk miles without any problem. Nike Lunardguide 7 is the best motion control running shoes for women.
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2. Salomon XR Mission
Best Running Shoes For Women
Salomon XR Mission Running Shoes for women are specifically recommended to Marathon Runners. Achilles Tendinitis is one common problem among marathon runners. The chances of Achilles Tendinitis increase more for a female marathon runner. Salomon solved this issue with their sensifit and sensiflex design. The sensifit design ensures that the front upper sole to the lacing system provides a perfect fit thus protecting runner’s toes. Secondly it focuses on the smooth movement of runner so that the shoes do not hinder the performance of a marathon runner. The cushioning foam not only reduces the friction but also provide a great comfort for your feet. As they are designed for marathon runners so Salomon ensured that the shoes are breathable. You can run long distances without facing any problem of overheat or moisture inside shoes. Salomon XR Mission running shoes are highly recommended to power runners or marathon runners.
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1. ASICS GEL-Venture 5
Best Running Shoes For Women
As I stated earlier in the post – ASICS manufactures the best rated running shoes in the world. ASICS Nimbus, Kayano, Contend and Venture series are among the best sellers. However I would highly recommend ASICS Venture 5 over Nimbus 18, Kayano 22 and Contend 3 because of the cost and performance comparison. ASICS venture 5 is suitable for women of all ages. They provide a good stability for weak knees and you can comfortably cover longer distances with them. ASICS focused on the redesign of the outer sole. The new design makes it easy to balance the weight on the lateral side. This design specifically helps women with wider hips and thighs and reduces the chances of runner’s knee. As an overweight lady myself, it was harder for me to even walk long distances. The uneven proportion of weight on my body made it difficult for my knees to handle all the twist and turns while jogging. That is why a proper shoe design is required to make sure the whole body is in perfect coordination with your running pace. This one point gives great advantage to Venture 5 over other running shoes. Another positive factor is that they are not costly like the Nimbus and Kayano series. ASICS Venture 5 is the best in-budget running shoes for women in 2017.
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So this was our list of top rated running shoes for women in 2017. Which Shoe brand do you prefer for running?

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