Top 50 Best Supervillains Ever (2017)

We have chosen 50 best supervillains of all time. This list not only includes greatest super villains of Marvel and DC comics but also powerful female supervillains and super villains of other comic books.

A Hero is a Hero only when there is a villain. Villain completes Hero. To make a super powerful hero you need a super powerful villain. So who are the most powerful and greatest super villains in the comic book world? Here we have chosen 50 greatest super villains of all time:

Greatest Super villains All Time

50. Mephisto
Best Supervillains
Marvel’s Super villain Mephisto is a demon like villain. With his supernatural powers and abilities he is a serious threat to many superheroes in Marvel Universe including Ghost Rider, X-Men, Guardians of Galaxy and Fantastic Four.
49. Sebastin Shaw
Best Supervillains
Sebastin Shaw has the ability to absorb any kind of energy and use it as physical energy. He is archenemy of X-Men. He was played by Kevin Bacon in 2011 film X-Men First Class.
48. Shredder
Best Supervillains
Foot Clan’s leader Shredder often plans to rule the world and destroy his archenemies The Ninja Turtles. Even though Ninja Turtles has lost its charm over time but one of the main reason of success of Ninja Turtle in 90s was Shredder.
47. Baron Helmut Zemo
Best Supervillains
If you have seen Captain America Civil War, then you know how clever Baron Zemo is. He is a mastermind and very intelligent scientist.
46. Vandal Savage
Best Supervillains
Vandal Savage provides a unique angle to DC comics. He is immortal and has seen a lot in his life time. This makes his story line interesting and as he is immortal thus he cause a serious threat to the whole Justice league. This was shown in Justice League Doom where with the help of Batman plans he was able to overcome all the superheroes and was even able to kill (nearly) Superman.
45. Sandman
Best Supervillains
Sandman is able to shape his body using earth’s rock and sand particles. This enables him to pose a serious threat in hand to hand combat. He is archenemy of Spider-Man.
44. Mysterio
Best Supervillains
Magic is one of the most used themes in Marvel Universe. Mysterio is a super magician and is expert in creating illusions and hypnotising. He is arch enemy of Spider-Man.
43. Gorilla Grodd
Best Supervillains
Is he just Gorilla? No grodd is much more than just being a great ape. He is expert in telekinesis and telepathy. I don’t know how the idea of making a gorilla archenemy of The Flash came to the minds of writers. But it worked out really well.
42. Cyborg Superman
Best Supervillains
Superman undefeated streak was getting unpopular among fans. Superman is so powerful that almost all villains were dwarfed under his persona. This was the time when cyborg Superman was introduced in DC universe and he came out to be a serious threat.
41. Captain Cold
Best Supervillains
Captain Cold has a superhero name but make no mistake this cold heart killer was the one who killed fourth Flash. He has no superpower but he poses Cold Guns that can kill anyone.