54 Most Famous Paintings Ever (2017)

There is no doubt that some of the most famous paintings are painted by Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picaso. But sadly people do not know about any other artists other than these three. The introduction of television and internet has reduced the interest of people in art. Now whenever we talk about art most people relate it to movies or music. But there was a time when paintings were considered as the purest art form.
Painting is in existence since the dawn of Homo sapiens. Every now and then archaeologists find cave paintings featuring ancient animals or sometimes ancient aliens too. The era of art and painting was on its peak during Queen Elizabeth’s rule and it remained popular till 20 century. It is sad to see that the art of painting and drawing is not as popular as movies, music and books. Even though 100 of art exhibition take place every year but today we have very few art admirers.

Art is ageless. 500 Years have passed since the death of Leonardo Da vinci but we are still debating to understand the true meaning of his paintings. This is the power of art. Have you that classic ‘Doctor Who’ episode that featured Vincent Van Gogh. You can feel his emotions and understand how much impact a good artist can have on pop culture. Art is not bound to just one genre or theme. Many painters painted paintings with religious theme (Paintings of Jesus, Moses and God are common), social struggles (Paintings about peace and war) and meaning of life (paintings about death and love).

We are paying homage to such great artists who blessed us with some of the finest paintings of all time. Here we have listed 54 most famous paintings of all time. We have not listed the meaning of these popular paintings and that we leave up to you. So here are 54 best paintings ever –

Most Famous Paintings

54. Self-Portrait without Beard (Vincent Van Gogh, 1899)
Famous Paintings
53. The Night Cafe (Vincent Van Gogh, 1888)
Famous Paintings
52. Three Musicians (Pablo Picasso, 1921)
Famous Paintings
51. Le Dejeuner Sur L’herbe (Edouard Manet, 1862)
Famous Paintings