Top 30 Greatest Inventions Ever (2017)

Do you know about the greatest inventions of all time? No invention can be called as the greatest invention in history because each and ever invention played a key role in our development as a society.

Ever Since we first invented fire we opened the gates of intelligence and creativity. Since then we did not looked back and became the dominant species on planet. We have come a long way and invented a lot of things in our time line. Here we have chosen 30 most revolutionary invention that changed humanity for ever:

Most Useful Inventions Ever

30. Hot Air Balloon
Greatest Inventions
Most people consider Airplane to be the first human carrying flight technology. But that is not true. Man fulfilled his dream of flying in the sky in 1783 when Montgolfier brothers successfully launched a hot air balloon. Today Hot Air Balloons are considered most romantic option among couples.
29. Weighing Scale
Greatest Inventions
It might not be considered as a revolutionary invention by any but in the field of Medical and healthcare weighing machine plays a vital role. The first Weighing machine was invented in 1770 by Richard Slater. Although there are numerous records that suggest that old Egyptian and Mayan civilization used a scale that gave rough estimate of weight.
28. Flash Memory
Greatest Inventions
Flash Memory started the era of writable memory. One can easily erase and rewrite in a flash memory. It was developed in 1970s and now it is an important part of our life. It is used in Mobile Phones, Computers, Digital Cameras and almost every digital device that you can think of.
27. Barometer
Greatest Inventions
Barometer became an important apparatus in science due to its precise prediction of atmospheric weather. Evangelista Torricelli invented the device in 1743. With the help of Barometer modern airline corporations schedule there flights by checking on the weather. If the Barometer predicts harsh weather for flying conditions than the flights are rescheduled.
26. Charkha
Greatest Inventions
Even though it is popular only in Sub continent India but it played an important role in the textile industry. The history of Spinning wheel dates back to 1000 BCE but what makes it important is the role that it played in industrial revolution.
25. Unix
Greatest Inventions
What makes Unix popular is that it is Open Source program. Many operating systems were developed from Unix. Linux is the most popular example among them. Many other operating systems like Windows and Mac OS are also inspired from Unix.
24. Parachute
Greatest Inventions
Parachute gave a new meaning to the word extreme sports. It actually reinvented the extreme sports. But this is not what the Parachute is actually meant to do. The most vital use of Parachute comes in military and in space technology. Space crafts that are sent to other planets are loaded with parachutes.
23. Email
Greatest Inventions
Nikola Tesla once imagined that people will be able to send digital messages and not only this but actually digital form of themselves. This realization of this dream came true when email was invented in 1970s. Since then it became a vital part of our life and is among the most popular method to stay connected.
22. Integrated Circuit
Greatest Inventions
Integrated circuit or IC brought the electronic revolution in the world. The first IC was developed in 1949. Today all the electronic components that you use are equipped with IC. If there was no IC there would have been no computer, no mobile and no TVs.
21. Battery
Greatest Inventions
Battery came a long way. History suggests that American great Benjamin Franklin first proposed the idea of battery. Battery became the fuel of electric world and saw a lot of modifications and up gradations, Today Battery sector is one of the most profitable sector in the world.