Top 50 Greatest Women Ever (2017)

If you take a look on the most influential women in history then you will find that these greatest women were not only famous leaders but also among the greatest athletes and social workers.

For thousands of years Women have fought for equal rights and sadly they are still not considered equal to men. However there were few women who stood out in this man dominated world and became the most powerful, most influential and most inspirational women of all time. Here we present you 50 greatest women in history:

Greatest Women Of All Time

50. Martha Stewart
Greatest Women
Sometimes Martha Stewart reminds of Forrest Gump. In the Movie, Forrest learned everything that he stepped into. Similarly Martha played Forrest in real life. She is the queen of Domesticity and there is hardly anything that she can’t do. From being popular Businesswomen to a Bestseller author to a TV personality, Martha surely is one of the greatest women in recent history.
49. Golda Meir
Greatest Women
It is hard to imagine that Israel had a Female Prime Minister. But it was the strong will and personality of Golda Meir that she became the World’s fourth and Israel’s first female Prime minister. Her stature in politics is compared and she is one of the most respected women in the history.
48. Estee Lauder
Greatest Women
Imagine that when the list of 20 most genius business person is compiled a woman left everyone behind and ranked in the list. That was the genius of Estee Lauder, the woman who founded cosmetic company of same name in 1946. She had a great sense of Business and under her tenure the company achieved impossible heights.
47. Jiang Qing
Greatest Women
Jiang Qing was born in 1914 in China and started her career as an actress. But no one thought that a shy actress would become one of the most powerful women in China. It was Jiang Qing who made the Cultural Revolution a success in the 70s and became a global icon. She is arguably one of the greatest women ever.
46. Margaret Mead
Greatest Women
Believe it or not but Margaret Mead had an indirect influence on the American Culture. She was a major reason of why American culture became open to most topics. Margaret Mead was an excellent scholar and her studies on Anthropology were revolutionary. She brought a major culture change in American Society.
45. Emily Dickinson
Greatest Women
Its interesting to note that an Introvert person as Emily Dickinson could become one of the most prominent figure and one of the greatest women ever. Emily was born 1830 in a socially fit and stable family. However she was so introvert that she met very few people during her life. She was a poet who wrote more than 1800 poems in her life. Sadly only two dozen poems were published during her lifetime. Those too were highly altered. However when all her poems were published posthumously, they became very popular. Soon she became an influential figure. She is surely one of the greatest women ever.
44. Mary Shelley
Greatest Women
Mary Shelley was born in 1797 and her novel Dracula became so famous that it actual became the parameter of judging quality of a novel. Mary inspired thousands of authors and she became one of the most important women ever.
43. Mata Hari
Greatest Women
Even though Mata hari is a controversial figure in history but if you read her story you will get to know that she was surely an expert in her work. Mata Hari was just a dancer in Dutch court but she was convicted of being a spy. She is considered as one of the greatest female spy ever and her story inspired many fictional characters from James Bond to Jason bourne.
42. Maya Angelou
Greatest Women
When it comes to civil rights activists we always remember Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X but it should not be forgotten that one female who joined both leaders in their causes was Maya Angelou. She was a popular poet and her involvement in civil rights activism made her one of the most important women in history.
41. Virginia Woolf
Greatest Women
It is sad to say that one of the greatest women in History, Virginia Woolf committed suicide at the age of 59. However in this short span of time she influenced the society and contributed in making world a better place. She is one of the most loved authors of 20th century.