Top 50 Healthiest Foods In the World (2017)

You will get amazing benefits if you get most healthy foods to eat everyday. Here we present you list of healthiest foods that are help in weight loss and are suitable for both men and women. We have included most healthy breakfast foods and most healthy snacks foods in the list.

Thanks to Internet that people are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings. One positive impact that internet had is that we got to know everything about the food we eat. We got to know about unhealthy foods and we also got to know the nutritional value of healthy foods. Even though this information was available before too but with internet this information is now easily available in every corner of world. After a lot of research and analysis we came up with the list of most healthy foods in the world. Here are the 50 healthiest foods that you should eat:

Healthiest Foods Ever

50. Dark Chocolate
healthiest foods
Dark chocolate surprisingly helps in reducing weight and also has positive impact on heart diseases.
49. Edamame
healthiest foods
Edamame is a variety of Soyabean and like Soyabean it is rich in protein too. It is much better option than Tofu.
48. Pineapple
healthiest foods
Pine apple is beneficial in several ways but it is known for its benefits to eyes.
47. Kefir
healthiest foods
Kefir is best advised to those who have bowel movement problems. This food works magic on indigestion.
46. Potatoes
healthiest foods
Fast food lovers will love this inclusion. Potato is not as beneficial as its cousin sweet potato but it surely has unique benefits such as bone protection and managing blood pressure.
45. Cumin
healthiest foods
Cumin is beneficial in digestion and in piles. It also helps in insomnia and diabetes.
44. Carrot
healthiest foods
Carrot is known for its antioxidant properties and there are many dishes that you can make with carrots.
43. Grapefruit
healthiest foods
The 18th century experiment of cross breeding between orange and Pomelo turned out to be good as we got to be introduced to Grapefruit. It is sometimes called as forbidden fruit due to its luxurious taste. It smoothen the function of your digestive system.
42. Eggplant
healthiest foods
Eggplant may not taste as good but it has very good health benefits. For starters it help keep you skin glowing and control hair fall.
41. Cucumber
healthiest foods
Cucumber could be included in your day to day diet. They have negligible calories but their high fibre makes you feel full. They works magic in fat loss.