Top 32 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds (2017)

When people look for Low Maintenance Dog Breeds then either they want small dog breeds or dog breeds that don’t shed. But there are other factors too that need to be kept in mind while choosing a Low Maintenance Dog Breed for yourself.

Dogs are wonder of nature. They are the most popular pet in the world, leading ahead of cats. You too have considered of buying a good and obedient dog breed in your life. But the problem lies in the money. If you own a dog it means you add a new member to your house and for its care you need to spend money. Luckily there are several dog breeds that ask for less cost as compared to others. Here we have listed 32 low maintenance dog breeds that you can own. While making the list we kept several points in mind including shedding vs non shedding, ease in training, grooming, average health and extra benefits. So here are 32 low maintenance dog breeds for you:

Low Maintenance Dogs

32. Cocker Spaniel
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Though Cocker Spaniel has shedding fur and few health concerns but it is easy to train and very friendly. They were made popular by the film Lady and the Tramp.
31. Whippet
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Whippets are trained for racing but as they are low maintenance dog breed so they are very popular among households that cannot spend much. There are stories of how Whippet made its poor owner rich by winning a race.
30. Yorkshire Terrier
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Yorkie gives that royal look that makes the owner proud. They might look very costly but this dog breed could be maintained on low cost.
29. Bichon Frise
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Bichon Friseis probably the most popular toy dog. It is small in size and looks so cuddly and cute.
28. Doberman Pinscher
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Doberman are considered dangerous for kids and family but that is only if you don’t train them properly.
27. American Staffordshire Terrier
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
You will be surprised to see how easily this dog breed could be trained. You need to take care of their diet though.
26. German shorthaired pointer
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
They are mainly popular for racing and hunting. But this powerful dog breed can be trained easily for a common household.
25. Cane Corso
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Cane Corso aka Italian mastiffs are among the most popular guard dog breeds in Europe. They shed a little and are moderately easy to train.
24. Rhodesian Ridgeback
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
They were called as African lion hound because they helped their master to prey lion. They are loyal and medium energy dogs. They do need exercise.
23. Vizsla
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Due to their hunting abilities and their fearless nature, they make a perfect dog breed for farms. They are medium in size.
22. Ibizan Hound
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
This hound type is loved due to their clownish behaviour. They often amuse their owners with their innocence. They come in two varieties – Slim and wire. Both are non shedding dog breed and that is why they cut a lot of cost for the owner.
21. Dalmatian
Low Maintenance Dog Breeds
Shedding is not an issue for the Dalmatian breed. However, they are prone to few diseases so you must keep a check on their health.