Top 50 Most Annoying Songs In World (2017)

Which Song would you call the most annoying song in the world? There are certain reasons why a song is being labelled as an annoying song. It may be because of the annoying sounds in the song or it may be because of the plain stupid lyrics that makes the song annoying. But Many people admitted that they find that song the most annoying which get stuck in your head. Ironically we have too many entertainment resources that we cannot protect ourselves from a song that we find annoying. One song that we find annoying might be popular among masses.
Here we have listed those songs that are universally accepted as the most annoying songs in the world.

Interestingly most of these songs were released only recently which show that how much the quality of music has declined recently. Personally I find those songs very annoying that have added high pitch techno beats to it. One just cannot sing along with those songs even if they have meaningful lyrics. On the other side there are songs that have stupid lyrics (Remember ‘Friday’ or ‘Work’). Also there are songs that struck chord with masses and are played so many times that eventually you find them irritating.

We conducted a poll online and people voted for the most irritating songs of all time. The results were rather surprising and some of the songs listed here are by artists who are universally loved. Also there are hit songs that sold millions of copies but yet they were called as irritating songs. James Blunt became a global icon for his song ‘You’re Beautiful’ but he admitted later on that the song has become annoying for him and it his hard for him to sing it in live performances.

So these are the 50 most annoying songs of all time –

Most irritating Songs

45. Archy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
Most Annoying Songs
44. Believe by Cher
Most Annoying Songs
43. Crank that by Soulja Boy
Most Annoying Songs
42. Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega
Most Annoying Songs
41. What Makes You beautiful By One Direction
Most Annoying Songs