Top 34 Most Beautiful Beaches (2017)

The most beautiful beaches in the world are either in Caribbean or on the east coast. But there are few beaches in Europe and Asia that could be placed among the most beautiful beaches.

Which Beach is best and ideal for that perfect holiday escape? Which beach you should visit on your honeymoon? Which beach is the most romantic of them all? Here are the answers to all your questions. Here is the list of 35 most beautiful beaches in the world:

Most Beautiful Beaches In the World

34. White Bay (British V!rgin Islands)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Located on the east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea, The British V!rgin islands have two very beautiful beaches. One is the White bay and the second is The Baths. White Bay is popular of the Two. The Baths is more preferred by those who wants less crowd and more fun.
33. East Beach (California)
Most Beautiful Beaches
East Beach is the most crowded beach in California. It is favourite beach of local bodybuilders and health enthusiasts.
32. Mosquito Bay (Puerto Rico )
Most Beautiful Beaches
Moquito bay is the brightest bio-luminescent beach in Puerto Rico. The best time to visit this beach is during night.
31. Aruba Beach (Venezuela)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Aruba beach has a unique landscape and that is why it is popular among beach lovers. The climate is dry and the aquatic life is diverse.
30. South Beach (Miami, USA)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Miami is very famous for its beaches and SoBe (South Beach) is probably the most famous among them. It is shown in so many pop songs that you might not feel stranger to it when you visit it the first time.
29. Playa Norte Beach (Mexico)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Playa Norte is one of those beaches in the world where even those who fear water would love to touch and swim in it.
28. Paklinski Islands (Croatia)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Located on the South of Croati Paklinski Islands is heaven of hidden beaches. It is most suited for couples and friends.
27. Rhossili Bay (Wales, UK)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Rhossili Bay has been ranked among the top beached of UK for years now. This is because the beach is ideal for kids as well as water sports lovers. You can visit this beach with your family.
26. Fethiye (Turkey)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Calis beach of Fethiye is crowded by too many hotels and pubs. It is more of a party beach than a secluded secret beach. So if you are a party person then it is best option for you.
25. Bahia Gardner Beach (Galapagos)
Most Beautiful Beaches
The Galapagos archipelago is known for its volcanic Islands. Due to this they are popular among adventure travellers. So if you are with a group of friends then you can visit the Bahia Gardner beach on the Espanola Island of Galapagos. The island have a beautiful distribution of Pacific bird life and marine life.
24. Hidden Beach (Mexico)
Most Beautiful Beaches
If you are too afraid of Sun tan then Hidden beach is the perfect beach for you. The natural gaping hole makes it suitable for the tourists to lie down, relax and enjoy the ample sun light.
23. Elafonissi Beach (Greece)
Most Beautiful Beaches
Greece has actually two beautiful beaches both apart by a 2 hour travel. So if you visit Greece then you should try the Elafonissi beach in Elafonissi and Paradise Beach Mykonos. Both these beaches are known for their light pink sand that gives a Disneyland like feeling. The best time to visit this beach is between May to October.