Top 84 Most Beautiful Places in the World To Visit (2017)

Ever wondered What are the most beautiful places in the world to visit? There are many amazing places in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia and even Antarctica.

Our planet earth is so beautiful that it is hard to describe its beauty on just one page. In fact, You can spend all your life travelling still you won’t be able to witness all the beauty of earth. We here tried to compile a list of most beautiful places on the earth. So check out 84 most beautiful places on earth:

Most Beautiful Places In World

84. Mont Saint-Michel Castle (France)
Most Beautiful Places
The Mont Saint-Michel castle was one of the major inspirations of the famous Disney castle.
83. Hitachi Seaside Park (Japan)
Most Beautiful Places
Kudos to Japan for creating and managing such a beautiful a park, that it became a world famous tourist attraction.
82. Danakil Depression (Ethiopia)
Most Beautiful Places
Even though it is the hottest place on earth but it is also one of the most visited place in Ethipia due to its scenic view. Many consider it to be the most beautiful place on the face of earth.
81. Giant’s Causeway (Ireland)
Most Beautiful Places
Giant causeway got its distinct look due to its volcanic eruption. Even though it was brought to public attention in 1693 but it achieved popularity in 1960s.
80. Fingal’s Cave (Scotland)
Most Beautiful Places
The beauty of the Fingal cave is cashed in by many private companies of Scotland and if you are touring in the country then you must travel these caves at least once.
79. Bryce Canyon National Park (USA)
Most Beautiful Places
Many will take it as a Canyon park due to its name but it is more popular for its natural amphitheatres that are very distinct and vivid.
78. Moraine Lake (Canada)
Most Beautiful Places
Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed locations of Canada. Although it is not open whole year, still it is a major tourist attraction and is recommended by many popular hikers around the world.
77. Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)
Most Beautiful Places
These cliffs are visited by one million people annually increasing the tourism value of Ireland.
76. North Yungas Road (Bolivia)
Most Beautiful Places
The 56 kilometre long road is called as the World’s most dangerous road but as synonymous in nature, Everything that is dangerous is beautiful and you can realize it when you are there.
75. Santorini (Greece)
Most Beautiful Places
When an Island is ranked as number one tourist spot by world famous magazines such as BBC and Travels Plus Leisure then you can imagine how must see that island will be. Santorini is a major tourist attractions since 1950s.
74. Kalavantin Durg (India)
Most Beautiful Places
The Kalavanti Durg is located in the north of Pragalabad in the Indian state of Maharastra.
73. Hampi (India)
Most Beautiful Places
Hampi temple is an amazing example of architecture is even praised by Google itself. One of the most amazing places on earth.