Top 25 Most Dangerous Animals in The World (2017)

What is the deadliest animal in the world? What are the most dangerous animals on earth? Here is list of 25 most aggressive animals that you should stay away from.

Every now and then we plan to travel around the globe and visit the beautiful places that Mother Nature has to offer. But with beauty come danger and many vacation spots (such as Africa and Australia) are inhabited by dangerous animals. We here have compiled a list of 25 deadliest animals around the world. Of course the deadly parameter of these animals in measured in terms of human lives they have claimed or the potential risk that they carry. So here are the 25 most dangerous animals in world:

Deadliest Animals in World

25. Hyenas
Most Dangerous Animals
Hyenas are known for preying on other’s victims. They do not hunt on their own. However if they are threatened (or if they are hungry) then they will not shy away of attacking their prey. They have sharp pointed teeth which makes them a good predator.
24. Leopard
Most Dangerous Animals
Leopard can swim, they can climb trees, they can run superfast and also they like to kill their prey its now looking. Doesn’t it make them one of the most dangerous predator on the planet? Leopards have known to develop human taste in past and they attack when they are hungry.
23. Brazilian Wandering Spider
Most Dangerous Animals
Brazilian Wandering spider gets the honour to be world’s most venomous spider. What makes them scarier is the fact that they are easily found in South America and Central America. They can be found hiding in the corners of the house or their favourite spot – Your shoes. Although there is antidote for its venom but if not given on time, its venom can kill human.
22. Komodo Dragon
Most Dangerous Animals
You are very lucky that these large species of lizard are only confined to the islands of Indonesia else there would have been an epidemic of Human Deaths by Komodo dragons. They have sharp teeth and nails which helps them fleshing out their prey. They are also known for attacking human and even eating them.
21. Stonefish
Most Dangerous Animals
What makes stonefish more dangerous? The fact that they are the most venomous fish known or the fact that they can camouflage very well and you might mistook them as another stone. Whatever the case may be but if a human is stung by stonefish then there are very rare chances of escape from death. There are many known incidents of stonefish attacks. Even though they are dangerous but guess what, they are popular food in Japan.
20. Rhinoceros
Most Dangerous Animals
Rhinos are the second largest land mammal and its easy to get scared from their looks. Poachers have been hunting them for years for their horns and that’s a sad thing. They do not get enraged but if you made them angry then better run for your life. Despite their weight, Rhino are quick sprinters and can easily catch and KILL their prey.
19. Siafu Ants
Most Dangerous Animals
Don’t go on their size. There is hardly anything that Siafu or Driver Ants can’t eat. They march in armies and tear apart everything that comes into their way. Siafu ant presents perfect example of how unity is powerful and they usually march with an army of around 50 million. That is more than enough to tear down a fully furnished house.
18. African Elephant
Most Dangerous Animals
Even though African Elephants are vegetarian and very intelligent animal species, but can you imagine how deadly they would have been if they were meat eaters. They do not attack human on general but if a poacher makes them angry then they became a destruction machine.
17. Boomslang
Most Dangerous Animals
Boomslang would pass by if you do not threaten them. But dare you threaten them and you will be running for your life. Boomslang are shy in nature and they attack when threatened. A bite of Boomslang will clot the blood and victim will die due to internal as well as external bleeding.