Top 30 Most Intelligent Animals In the World

Do you know about the most intelligent animals after humans? You will be surprised to know that our planet inhabits many intelligent animals species. Here we have listed 30 most intelligent animals on the planet.

We are the alpha leaders of this planet but this doesn’t mean that this planet is devoid of intelligent animals. We are sharing our world with many intelligent animal species. Though they may not be “quantum mechanics” kind intelligent but they sure are intelligent enough to adapt and evolve. Many of these intelligent animals live in group and societies with their own rules. Every member of their society follows the rules. This shows how understanding and intelligent they are. Here are the 30 smartest animals on earth:

Most Intelligent Animals on Earth

30. King Cobra
most intelligent animals
Snakes were considered intelligent by many ancient cultures. This was visible from the fact that many ancient cave drawings had snake head on the body of a man, suggesting that they were considered important. Recent researches on snake showed that they have very good learning skill and pretty good memory.
29. Bees
most intelligent animals
Bees have one of the most admired social systems in the world. They live for the hive, they die for the hive. They work in perfect co-ordinations to make the honeycomb. Their society has a set of rules that every bees follow. They even have a queen which is protected by other bees at all cost.
28. Bonobos
most intelligent animals
Bonobos are relatives of highly intelligent animal – Chimpanzees. Though they are not as intelligent as Chimps but they are still relatively smart as compared to other animals.
27. Cow
most intelligent animals
For all you beef lovers – here is a quick fact, Cows are intelligent animals. They are among those animal species that make best friends and stay with them forever. Cows think about the future too. They feel pain and emotions like jealousy. Next time you eat beef remember you killed an intelligent animal.
26. Squids
most intelligent animals
The distant relative of Octopus is as intelligent and curious as Octopus. They have shown learning abilities, navigational skills and cognitive abilities. They just live to feed; in fact they love to explore surroundings to learn new things.
25. Spiders
most intelligent animals
Spiders are so intelligent that they got a degree in web designing. No Seriously, Just imagine how perfectly they weave their hexagonal webs. Not only this they choose a perfect location for their web and design it while keeping things like orientation and size in mind.

24. Ants
most intelligent animals
Ants are wonder of nature in many ways. They probably show the most perfect social system on earth. They are hard-working and ‘honest’ and did I told you they impressively smart animals. Just imagine the coordination of 20 something million ants to carry out simple task such as food hunting in groups.
23. Baboons
most intelligent animals
Baboons have very expressive faces and they live in a very complex social system. Baboons are able to recognize faces and they also solved number problems. This makes them smarter mammal as compared to other mammals.
22. Sea Lions
most intelligent animals
When Lions and Tigers were not affordable for Circuses then they looked for other options. In the end they found sea lions. Sea Lion’s ability to learn quickly and also their friendly behaviour made them a prize animal of the show. Sea Lions were called as the smartest animals on earth by many Circus owners.
21. Orangutans
most intelligent animals
Planet of the Apes made common people more aware about the various Apes species. Among them the most unique was Orangutan. Orangutans are actually very intelligent animals and they have showed the ability to use tools. Also they are good imitators.