Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World in 2017

Wondering What are the most powerful countries in the world? Which country has the most advance military?

There are many factors involved to determine which country is the most powerful country in the world? First and foremost is that the country that has the strongest military in the world is obviously powerful. But this alone should not be considered while ranking the most powerful countries in the world.

While a country’s military force, power index, defense budget and weapon matters but on the positive side we should also look on how the country uses its power. The GDP, development and relations with other countries matters. Here we rank 10 strongest countries in the world (For the sake of the list we did not counted the nuclear weapons owned by a country):

Strongest Countries in the World

10. Canada:
Most Powerful Countries
Canadians are considered to be the most humble and polite people on earth. But this does not mean that they don’t love power. Canada is one of the strongest countries in the world and it has a defense budget of 18.6 billion Canadian dollars in 2016. Canada has more than 400 aircraft and nearly 180 tanks.  Canada also has 63 navy warships making it one of the most powerful countries in the world.

9. Japan:
Most Powerful Countries
Japan is one unique country in the world. The horrors of war and nature this country has faced are beyond words. Probably no other country would have rose up from these disasters but Japan not only showed how powerful country it is but also showed its excellence in technology. Tsunami and earthquakes (reaching on Richter scale up to 9.0) are common in Japan but this country developed its technology in a way to overcome the natural disasters. Today Japanese companies are leading in the sectors of automobiles, video gaming, animation and home appliances.

8. Israel:
Most Powerful Countries
If you have read about the famous Six days war that Israel fought with multiple countries than you already know how powerful country Israel is. Even though Israel’s power index (measured by several survey companies) is much lesser than countries like Netherlands and Brazil but still it is considered as one of the strongest countries in the world. First reason is that Israel’s Intelligence agency Mossad is considered one of the top most secret agencies in the world. Secondly, Israel isolates itself when it comes to weapon transparency. Israel is believed to have some of the most advanced weapons and technology in the world but the country hides it from whole world.

7. France:
Most Powerful Countries
France has been victim of terrorism from past two years but this does not mean that the country is not able to strike back. France has defense budget of $58 billion for 2016-17. France has been among the most powerful countries in the world since World War 1. As it is one of the most trusted ally of United States, so it further suggest that in situation of war France can easily face and defeat its enemies. French people are peace loving country and that is why people all over the world love this country. Don’t believe me? Check out the annual visitors to Eiffel tower.

6. Germany:
Most Powerful Countries
If Hitler was alive then he would surely be proud that his country is one of the strongest countries in the world. Or maybe he would be angry that it is not on Number one spot. Anyways, Germany is not only champion in sports like Football and Hockey but is also champion in armed combats and military drills. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazi Germany acquired such powerful technologies (from ALIENS) that it can rule the whole world. Germany has a defense budget of nearly $43 billion. It has around 925 aircraft and navy strength of 67.

5. United Kingdom:
Most Powerful Countries
You could not ignore the KINGDOM that ruled the whole world (almost) 100 years ago. United Kingdom has one of the strongest military in the force. British Intelligence MI6 is one of the most powerful secret agencies in the world with its secret agents involved in many world affairs.  James Bond is no fictional character but inspired from real life agents of MI6. United Kingdom has annual budget of defense around $58 Billion. It owns 1400 plus aircrafts and has navy warships around 77.

4. India:
Most Powerful Countries
In its history of thousands of years India has never ever invaded any country. This is truly extra ordinary. India gained independence in 1947 and in a short span of 70 plus years became one of the strongest countries in the world. Although, India is still a developing country but it has a strong impact in world affairs. Except Pakistan, India has good relations with every other country on the planet. In fact developed countries like Russia, United States and France consider India to be its most important ally. India’s defense budget of 2016 is $53 billion. It has around 2000 aircraft and nearly 170 navy warships.

3. China:
Most Powerful Countries
The most populous country in the world is also one of the most powerful countries in the world. China showed extra ordinary GDP growth in last 40 years. It is considered to become the next superpower by 2050. China plays a very important role in world’s economy. Although almost everyone knows that Chinese product do not last long but still other countries buy Chinese products and thus contributing to the economic growth of the country. China ranks second in military budget as the country spends nearly $215 billion in defense.

2. Russia:
Most Powerful Countries
The largest country in the world ranks second in the list of strongest countries. Although people consider President of United states to be the most powerful person in the world but Russian President Vladimir Putin has been playing an important role in world affairs. Under the Leadership of Putin, Russia has become way more powerful than it ever was. Although Russia plays active role in world affairs but US and its allies fear that Russia can start third world war any time. This is because of Russia’s recent war with Ukraine and its continuous war against ISIS.

1. United States of America:
Most Powerful Countries
Browse every other list of most powerful countries in the world on internet and you will hardly find any other country on number one. United States of America is actually leading the world in the fields of culture and economy. Hollywood needs no introduction. American companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Disney has been controlling various sectors of global economy. United states spend near $690 billion on its defense annually. This alone suggest that how powerful country United States is. United States of America is going to the most powerful country in the world for net 20 years or so.

This was the list of strongest countries in the world in 2017. Do you think that this list would change remarkably in net few years? Which country do you think would be the most powerful country in the world by 2050?