Top 15 Most Venomous Snakes In the World

Australia is the land of most venomous snakes. There are hundreds of poisonous snake species in the world. Here we have listed 15 most venomous snakes on earth.

Snakes are among the most feared animals on the planet. Even though they are not as deadly as us humans but they still are fierce and scary animals. These reptiles are among the most poisonous animals on earth.

Here we have made a list of 15 most poisonous snakes on earth. Even though few snakes listed here are more venomous as compared to others. But there are factors like bite accuracy, venom per bite and behaviour that decides the true danger of a snake. So these can be called as the 15 deadliest snakes on planet:

Most Poisonous Snakes Ever

15. Gaboon Viper
Most Poisonous Snakes
Gaboon viper is one among the many poisonous snakes found in the Africa’s Sahara desert. It is considerably lazy as compared to other snakes. If Black Mamba is fastest snake in Africa then it probably is the slowest. They don’t go for food hunting regularly. In fact they will wait for a prey to pass by.
14. Beaked Sea Snake
Most Poisonous Snakes
The beaked sea snake is responsible for 50% deaths by sea snake bites. It is very common in the coastal regions of India. Even though it spend most of its time in water but its prey includes both rat and fish.
13. Saw Scaled Viper
Most Poisonous Snakes
Even though Saw Scaled Viper is small but do not go onto its size as Saw Sealed viper is among the most poisonous snakes in the world. It also known as Carpet viper or Echis.
12. Black-Banded Sea Krait
Most Poisonous Snakes
Like all the members of Krait family, Black-Banded Sea Krait is also venomous. It is mainly found in the Malay Peninsula. Due to its love for coral reefs, it mainly lives there.
11. Peron’s Sea Snake
Most Poisonous Snakes
Peron’s Sea Snake is also called as Spiny-headed sea snake due to spine over its head. It mainly resides in the South China sea and near the oceanic waters of Thailand and Vietnam.
10. Yellow Bellied Sea Snake
Most Poisonous Snakes
The Yellow Bellied sea snake is found in tropical oceanic water. It called Yellow bellied because its unique yellow colour on belly. Yellow bellied snake has 0.067 mg/kg of Venom.
9. Russell’s Viper
Most Poisonous Snakes
Russell Viper is commonly found in China and India. It has claimed many human lives in India and along with cobra it is most feared snake in the sub-continent. It has a very tight skin and when it is angry it coils its body tightly.
8. Dubois’ Seasnake
Most Poisonous Snakes
Among the Sea Snake family, Dubious Sea Snake is most venomous. Though there are very few human encounters but counting the LD50 quantity in its venom, scientists deduced that Dubious Seasnake is actually among the most venomous snake on earth.