Top 28 Giant Prehistoric Animals

You should consider yourself lucky that these giant prehistoric animals are now extinct else there would have been no human civilization. Here are largest, scariest prehistoric animals ranging from prehistoric sea animals, prehistoric mammals and prehistoric birds.

If you are an active thinker then this list is going to raise a lot of questions. Before you jump on to the list we give you a common fact that our ancestors Homo Habilis (aka The first Human) walked the earth around 2.3 million years ago. Now you can compare the time line of prehistoric animals and human.

Most religions claims that God created all animals and human being. But science suggests that Human evolved on earth some 2.3 million years ago while Dinosaurs ruled the earth for more than 100 million years. So what god did during this time period? Why it took 100 million years for god to create intelligent life? A Second thought that comes to mind is that may be (and just may be) Human Being invaded this planet millions of years ago and wiped out all the dinosaurs to become the alpha animal of this planet. Phew, Too Much stuff. Anyways, Here are the 28 scariest giant Prehistoric animals:

Giant Prehistoric Animals

28. Opabinia
Prehistoric Animals
If you thought platypus was funny then you haven’t probably heard about Opabnia. Opabnia has a very weird body structure. It existed 518 million years ago making it one of the oldest known animals.
27. Jaekelopterus
Prehistoric Animals
If Jaekelopterus existed in modern era then Kids would have$#it their pants. These strange prehistoric animals were 2.5 metre in length and existed 390 million years ago.
26. Josephoartigasia
Prehistoric Animals
Josephoartigasia were the largest rodents to ever roam on this earth. These prehistoric animals were as big as cows and looked scary.
25. Megalania aka The Giant Ripper Lizard
Prehistoric Animals
These extant ancestors of Komodo Dragons were measured to be 7 metres from head to tail and were believed to be poisonous. They mainly resided in Australia and only went extinct around 50 thousand years ago.
24. The Steppe Mammoth
Prehistoric Animals
Ice Age film series has forced us to develop affection for Mammoths. These woolly creatures were a bit larger than African elephants. They can grow up to 4.5 metres and were full of fur. They lived around 3.7 million years ago around Eurasia.
23. Basilosaurus
Prehistoric Animals
Whales are humongous sea creatures and Basilosaurus was king of whales. It lived 40 million years ago. Growing upto 20 metres their name translated to King Lizard.
22. Megatherium
Prehistoric Animals
The Idea of Giant Sloth can scare anyone. Megatherium were giant sloths who were as big as modern African Elephants.
21. Gigantopithecus
Prehistoric Animals
Hold on your Yeti and Big foot theories, Gigantopithecus went extant 30 thousand years ago. Their rough height is estimated to be 3 metres and weight up to 600 KG.
20. Terror Bird
Prehistoric Animals
Phorusrhacids got their name terror birds when it was found that they were the largest known carnivorous animals in the prehistoric America. Terror birds were 3 metres tall and they used to prey with their pointed beak. Even though they were flightless but they were capable of hunting down a running cheetah. They lived around 1.2 million years ago so it is possible that our human ancestors had duels with them.
19. Deinosuchus
Prehistoric Animals
Deinosuchus brings out the worst nightmares to reality. This humongous crocodile usually preyed upon large dinosaurs and probably was the most feared predator of its time. They lived 80 million years ago and grew up to 12 metres.