24 Recently Extinct Animals Species that Shows Our Carelessness (2017)

What was the last animal to go extinct? You probably don’t know. Here is the list 24 recently extinct animals species that shows how careless we are toward nature.

The International Union of Conservation of Nature releases list of extinct animals on a regular basis. We may never be sure that what wiped the entire race of Dinosaur from the face of earth but when we take a look on the recently extinct animals, we get to know that we are such a dangerous and evil species.

Here we have listed recently extinct animals so that you can see and realize that how much we are harming mother nature and its species.

Recently Extinct Animals

24. Mexican Grizzly Bear
Recently Extinct Animals
Grizzly bears are predator by nature and so was the case with Mexican Grizzly bears. But we human being didn’t liked their nature of preying and we soon killed all the Mexican grizzly bears by 1980s.

23. Conuropsis carolinensis
Recently Extinct Animals
These beautiful looking parrots also became victim of rapid deforestation and the last parrot died in 1918. However they were believed to be seen again but they were recently included in the list of extinct animals by ICUN.

22. Gastric-brooding frog
Recently Extinct Animals
The gastric boording frog were unique and rare species of frog. Due to their strange reproduction stages they were subject of scientific experiments. They became extinct 1990.

21. Lesser bilby (Macrotis leucura)
Recently Extinct Animals
Macrotis leucura or more commonly known as Lesser bilby was a rare species of rabbit. It became center of attraction due to its unique looks. However these wonder of nature were not able to survive and the last Lesser bilby might have died in 1960s.

20. Dusky Seaside Sparrow
Recently Extinct Animals
Dusky seaside sparrows were very beautiful sparrow species. However due to their demand for captive breeding they declined in numbers. The last Dusky Seaside sparrow died in 1987.

19. Japanese Sea Lion
Recently Extinct Animals
Japanese sea lion was a beautiful mammal that inhabited the sea of Japan. However due to extensive sport hunting and illegal poaching, the species became extinct by 1979.

18. Mariana Mallard
Recently Extinct Animals
Mariana Mallard is a species of Duck family that mainly resided in the Mariana Island. The growth in concrete constructions and also in hunting led to the extinction of Mariana Mallard. The last Mariana Mallard duck was killed in 1981.

17. Pinta Island Tortoise
Recently Extinct Animals
Tortoise are known for long lives and yet we have a species of Tortoise that went to extinction and thanks to our mindless hunting spree. The last Pinta Island Tortoise died in 2012 in captivity.