Top 30 Worst Serial Killers (2017)

The worst thing about serial killers is that most of them kill people just to get famous. Here we have listed 30 most famous serial killers of all time.

It really disturbs an innocent mind to realize that this world is inhabited by evil serial killers and murderers whose main motive is to enjoy other’s pain. Although history has seen many sadistic serial killers but we are going to discuss about the most notorious serial killers of recent history. A serial killer by definition is a murdered who has killed 3 or more people over a long period of time. We have not included dictators like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi in the list for obvious reasons. This list tries to focus on their murderous ways and their intentions so that the readers may get knowledge about evil mind. Here are 30 most horrific serial killers of recent times:

Famous Serial Killers

30. Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour – Egypt (32 Victims)
Serial Killers
Mansour was born in Egypt and was local gang leader. He turned to murderous ways at a very young age and developed habit of killing young males. He was killed in 2010.
29. John Wayne Gracy – United States (33 Victims)
Serial Killers
John Wayne Gracy was the living imitation of the Clown from IT novel by Stephen King. He got the name Killer Clown due to the reason that he wore clown clothes and entertained people and Kids. He would murder kids and bury them in crawl space in his house. He was executed in 1994.
28. Ali Asghar Borujerdi – Iraq (33 Victims)
Serial Killers
Asghar was the most prolific serial killer of Iran. He killed 33 people in his life times. He was killed in 1934.
27. Ted Bundy – United States (35 Victims)
Serial Killers
Look at the innocent face of this sadistic serial killer. Your soul will shiver when you get to know that this man loved giving pain to his victims. He was known for raping his victims and torturing them to infinite pain before killing them. Bundy murdered around 35 women and was the most talked about serial killer. Many other serial killers confessed that they were inspired from Ted Bundy for murders. Ted was executed in 1989.
26. Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi – Morocco (36 Victims)
Serial Killers
Mesfewi was a serial killer active in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. he killed a total number of 36 women with the help of a 70 year old lady. He would drug them rape them and then kill them in their sleep. He was killed by immurement in June 1906.
25. Gennady Mikhasevich – Russia (36 Victims)
Serial Killers
Gennady was a soviet soldier. When he returned home from war he found that his girlfriend has married someone else. This worked as a fuel for the already burning rage in him. He started killing young women and girls from 1971 to 1985. However he was caught when he stupidly sent a letter to newspaper.
24. Serhiy Tkach – Ukraine (36 Victims)
Serial Killers
Serhiy Tkach motivation for murder was lust. He was clever minded murderer and was active for 35 long years. He served in the Soviet army. From 1980 to 2005 he killed 36 young girls. He was so clever that police was not able to trace him back. In fact police wrongly accused 15 other men. He was caught when he intentionally attended the funeral of one of his victim.
23. Moses Sithole – South Africa (38 Victims)
Serial Killers
Moses was really a sithole for committing such horrific crimes. You will be shocked to know that sithole ran an organization with the name Youth against Human Abuse. He would often run ads for his organization seeking young women. He would then go on to rape them and murder them and write ‘B!tch’ on their foreheads. He murdered 38 women and is now serving imprisonment of 2410 years.
22. Thiago Gomes da Rocha – Brazil (39 Victims)
Serial Killers
Thiago was a security guard but his true nature never justified his job. He was a merciless murderer who would kill people out of rage and anger. He would often drive on his motorbike in search of victims. Whenever he found a suitable victim he would shout ‘Robbery’ and then will kill them with a baseball bat. Thiago never looted his victims. His motivation was rage and rage only.
21. Ahmad Suradji – Indonesia (42 Victims)
Serial Killers
Ahmad Suradji defines the term of a maniac serial Killer. Born in Indonesia, Ahmed confessed in his trial that he saw his father’s ghost in a dream. His father ordered him to kill 70 women and by this he will gain healing powers. This led Ahmad to kill 42 women during a time of 7 years. His three wives helped him in this task. He was killed in 2008.