Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites For SEO (2017)

There are many dofollow social bookmarking sites that you can use to improve your blog ranking and seo. Here are 30 top social bookmarking sites that are free to use.

Social Bookmarking Websites are gifts for bloggers and website developers. People who writes original content and want their content to be exposed to the world depends largely on social bookmarking sites. Here we have chosen 30 best social bookmarking websites for you to use:

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking Sites
Bibsonomy was founded in 2006 and this non commercial Social Bookmarking site is one of the favourite sites of users to save their bookmarks.
Social Bookmarking Sites
This social Bookmarking service is strictly dedicated to Scientific and research related bookmarks. CiteuLike was founded with the aim to help scientists and young minds to find science related content at one place.
28. Furl
Social Bookmarking Sites
Furl has been online since 2003 and ever since the site is among the top social bookmarking websites. It gives 5 GB storage space to users which is way more than enough to store and edit bookmarks.
27. GivaALink.Org
Social Bookmarking Sites
GiveAlink was a project started by Indiana University and it is not just social bookmarking website but it also act as a search engine which specifically finds similar or related sites.
26. SiteBar
Social Bookmarking Sites
The best thing about is that it is available in 20 different languages so this means that you can use it as a tool for Keyword research in other languages.
25. H0tklix
Social Bookmarking Sites
This Social Bookmarking website mainly focuses on Current events and all its bookmark are around it.
24. GoogleBookmarks
Social Bookmarking Sites
GoogleBookmarks service comes Free with the Google Accounts. So if you have a Google Gmail Account than you can easily access and use this service. Please note that it is different from Google Chrome Bookmarks as they are just browser Bookmarks.

23. PopScreen
Social Bookmarking Sites
Popscreen Social Bookmarking Service is unique in the way that it allows only Video bookmarks and is specifically dedicated to that only.
22. BizSugar
Social Bookmarking Sites
The Small Bookmark service provided by Bizsugar is specifically dedicated to latest news and you can easily go viral with it.
21. MyLinkVault
Social Bookmarking Sites
MyLinkVault Bookmarking service gives you the permission of whether or not to share your bookmarks with the world.