Top 4 Best Town Hall 4 Attack Strategies In Clash Of Clans 2017

It will take around 2 to 3 days for you to upgrade town hall 3 to maximum. In one day you can upgrade your town hall to level 4. After you upgrade to town hall 4 you will find that the competition has increased in multiplayer battles. One strong tip that you should follow at this level is that you should complete single player goblin missions on this town hall. You will have enough troop capacity of higher levels that you can easily complete at least 15 goblin missions.

At town hall 4 you can upgrade your town hall to level 2 and this means you can carry 15 troops inside your clan. This can give you big advantage as the best attack strategy for town hall 4 requires your clan troop. So here we share the best attack strategy for town hall 4. You will be able to increase your army to 80 troops and you will also unlock Balloons at this town hall. Keep in mind that balloon below level 5 are useless and you should avoid them till town hall 7. These are the 4 best attack strategies for town hall 4 –

4. 6 Giants 50 Barbarians –
This army composition will give at least one star if used carefully. You may not be able to get loot from this combo but you can surely push your trophies with this army (which is crucial for winning gems).
Town Hall 4 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 4 Attack Strategies
3. 50 Goblins 30 Archers –
If you are only interested in farming then this is the best army combo for you. You can go for All goblin army too but archers will be helpful to destroy the exposed defenses thus giving your goblin more cover to loot everything.
Town Hall 4 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 4 Attack Strategies
2. 50 Barbarians 30 Archers –
This is cost effective strategy and very useful if you are looking for farming. You can loot resources with this but you may or may not be able to progress in trophy count. You might encounter a strong base that can wipe out your entire army of BARCH but you can still manage to win loot from it. If you are in a clan that can donate troops then always ask for air units like balloon or minion or baby dragon.
Town Hall 4 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 4 Attack Strategies
1. 6 Giants, 50 Archer and 1 Healer in Clan –
For this strategy to work you have to join a clan where the member can donate you healer on a regular interval. The level of healer will not affect much. If you are member of such clan than congrats you will ride an undefeated journey on Town Hall 4 with this strategy.

First of all you have to keep in mind that the only thing that can ruin this strategy is Air Defense. So it is necessary that you either destroy Air Defense (with archers) or attack from the opposite side of air defense. There are high chances that you will be matched with bases that have unprotected air defense and you can easily destroy it. But if this does not happen then don’t worry. Just focus on destroying mortar and wizard tower before your healer gets killed. Deploy giant from the corner that does not have air defense and have either wizard tower or mortar. Let the giant destroy the mortar first. To help the giants, deploy archers on a regular interval. Deploy archers in 3 waves i.e. in each wave deploy 10 to 15 archers in C shape.

Town Hall 4 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 4 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 4 Attack Strategies

So these were the best army compositions for town hall 4. Which one you liked the most?