Top 5 Town Hall 7 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans 2017

Let me tell you one thing – TOWN HALL 7 is the best Town hall level in clash of clans. This is because at this town hall serious gameplay begins. You unlock the Dark Barracks, Dragons and expand your army capacity to 200. Also you unlock your first hero BARABRIAN KING at this town hall. But beware you might be lured to this Town hall by your friends or clanmates. Do not fall for the trap. If you didn’t max out your Town Hall 6 then it will be difficult for you to perform well at Town hall 7. Your defenses will be easily overruled by your opponents and you will not be able to score well in war attacks. If you maxed out town hall 6 then you will have more buildings and stronger defenses to protect your resources. Here are 5 Best Attack Strategies at Town Hall 7 –

5. 120 Barbarians, 80 Archers, 3 Light Spell –
This is the best army for farming. Destroy splash damage defenses with Light spell and then deploy BARCH. I am sure by now you have perfected this army combo and you will be able to perform well in village attacks with this army.
Town Hall 7 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 7 Attack Strategies
4. 15 Giants, 140 Archers, 3 Heal Spell –
Healer is pretty much useless at this town hall level. So do not train it in Barracks and do not ask for it in clan donation. Before Deploying Giants, make sure you have checked opponents’ clan castle. If there are troops inside it then kill them. Troops like Balloons and Wizards in opponents’ clan can easily kill your giants in one go. Use archers effectively because they will help giants a lot to destroy defenses. Also use heal spell near wizard towers.
Town Hall 7 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 7 Attack Strategies
3. 120 Barbarians, 40 Minions, 3 Light Spell –
Minions will become your favourite dark elixir troops because of their usability in farming. If you store enough amount of Dark Elixir to train Minions then go for this army combo. This army combo is strictly for farming and you will only be able to loot resources with it. Do not deploy minions in one go or otherwise a single air bomb can kill all your minions. You can score 50% with this army combo thus maintaining your trophy range.
Town Hall 7 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 7 Attack Strategies
2. 120 Archers, 40 Minions, 3 Light spell –
This army combo has more advantage over the Barb Minion Combo. Archers can attack over walls and thus they can loot more resources as compared to barbarians. Again with this army combo you can only loot resources. There will be very few cases where you will be able to get three stars with this army. So use it when you are looking for gold or elixir or dark elixir.
Town Hall 7 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 7 Attack Strategies
1. 10 Dragons, 3 Light Spells –
Dragon is the mightiest clash of clans Unit and you will fall in love with them instantly. In our Clash of Clans 2017 tips I gave one advice that a player should upgrade his/her elixir costing buildings first. This is because you will have a lot of extra elixir later on and you will be able to train costly army like All Dragons or All baby Dragons. If you follow that tip then I am sure after upgrading all your elixir buildings you will only train all dragon army. This is because with this army you can score 3 stars on any given town hall 7 bases. This army get even more powerful if you get Balloons in clan donation. All you have to do is destroy opponents’ Air Defenses. Just attack from the side where Air Defenses are near. You can destroy the far away Air Defense with Light spell. Deploy all dragons at once in C shape and deploy clan balloons afterwards. Sit back and enjoy the wrath of Dragons. With this army you will be able to loot a lot of Dark Elixir. This is also the best army composition for Clan Wars at Town Hall 7. It is town hall 7 where you will be considered as serious player in clan wars due to dragons. Use this army combo to score 3 stars in Clan Wars.
Town Hall 7 Attack Strategies

So these are the best Town hall 7 attack strategies. Which strategy is your favourite? The best clan troop at town hall 7 is Balloon (level 5 or higher), Dragon (any level) and Hog Riders (level 4 or higher). Wizards and Baby Dragon will also work fine.