Top 7 Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans 2017

It is hard to score three stars at Town Hall 8 especially in Clan wars. Not only you have to choose an effective attack strategy at Town Hall 8 but also have to use it wisely so that you can score three stars on opponents’ base. You unlock dark spell factory at Town hall 8 which is handy in many ways. The dark spells improve the power of regular spells. Such as at Town hall 8 you can easily destroy Air Defense by 2 Light spells of level 5 and one Earthquake spell. You can destroy walls of any level using 4 earthquake spells of level 1. Here we share with you 7 best town hall 8 attack strategies that you can use in Village attack or clan wars –

7. 120 Archers, 40 Minions, 3 Light Spell, 1 EQ –
This is the best army composition for farming. Do not fall for any other troop combo because either they will be too costly or will be ineffective. You might opt for Barbarians instead of archers in this strategy but it won’t turn out well. Place Archers and Minions in front of exposed mines, collectors and drills. Do not deploy all the archers in one go and use Light spell only when necessary. I have looted around 5 to 8 lakh resources on an average with this strategy only.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies

6. 12 Giants, 2 PEKKA, 9 Wall Breakers, 18 Wizard, 3 Heal –
Before Deploying giants you have to check enemy clan castle. If there are troops in it then kill them as soon as possible. After that deploy your giants in one go with 2 wall breakers. When the wall breakers pave way for giants deploy one pekka with them. The other pekka should be deployed a few tiles away from the first pekka. Deploy 4 to 5 wizards to follow giants and 4 to 5 wizards to follow pekka. Use the heal spell on giants and pekka. You can easily score two stars with stat and if used wisely then 3 stars is also possible.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies

5. 30 Balloons, 50 Archers, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison (Clan – 5 Balloon, 1 Poison) –
You can use light spell in place of Rage spell but I got better results with the rage spell. This strategy can be used in clan wars too. The strategy is simple. Take out the clan troops and kill them off guard using archers and poison spells. Deploy balloons in vertical line and make sure they are deployed near any Air Defense. As soon as they reach near the defenses deploy a rage spell on them. You have three rage spells and you should use them mostly near air defenses. The archers will clean up the rest of the base.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies

4. 1 Golem, 12 Valkyrie, 12 Wizard, 8 wall breakers, 10 archers, 3 heal spell, 1 poison spell (Clan – 5 Balloons or 5 Hog Riders with a Poison spell) –
This strategy is called as GOWIVA (GOlem, WIzard, VAlkyrie). Your golem and Valkyrie should be of maximum level for this strategy to work effectively. Lure out the clan castle troops and kill them using wizards and archers. You can deploy your golem to distract clan troops. Open the base of opponent using wallbreakers and deploy Valkyrie in one go. The Valkyrie should be deployed in a way that they target the defenses behind walls. Use wizards to help golem and Valkyries. Use the heal spell on Valkyries and the poison spell on clan troops. You can take 5 balloons or 5 hog riders in your clan castle to get better results.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies

3. 20 Hog Rider, 20 Wizard, 20 Archers, 3 Heal Spell, 1 Poison Spell ( Clan – 5 Balloon or 5 Hog Rider with Poison spell) –
This strategy is bit risky. This is because your hog riders might be killed off by well-placed Giant Bombs. Use this strategy only If you have hog riders of level 4. You have to kill clan troops of your opponent first. After that deploy your hog riders but not in one go. Deploy hog riders in surgical manner where you deploy 5 hogs on one defense. You have to deploy all hogs from one side only but they should be targeting different defenses. If the King of your opponent is exposed too then kill it beforehand. Otherwise opponent king can also wipe off all the hogs. The wizards will help to wipe off extra buildings quickly. If you take 5 balloon or hog in your clan then your result will be even better.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies

2. 2 Golem, 2 PEKKA, 9 Wall breaker, 18 Wizard, 3 Heal spell, 1 Poison (Clan – 1 Pekka, 1 Poison)
This strategy is popularly called as GOWIPE (GOlem, WIzard, PEkka). This strategy is effectively used on town hall 8 and town hall 9. You can score 2 to 3 stars with this strategy easily. You can take 2 heal spell and 1 rage spell with you but 3 heal spell gave me better results. PEKKA have high hit points and maximum damage per second for a ground unit. They are accompanied by wizards who also have high damage per second. Golem attracts all the defenses on himself and thus giving pekka and wizard shield. Many clashers take 10 plus wall breakers but I don’t think it is necessary. After killing off troops from enemy clan you have to deploy 2 golems separately on two different defenses from one side. Each golem should be followed by a pekka and 3 to 4 wizards. The wizards will clear the extra buildings while the pekka and golem will destroy defensive structures inside base. The third pekka which is the clan pekka should be deployed along with your king. Your pekka and Golem should be highest level for this strategy to work effectively.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies

1. ALL DRAGONS, 2 Light spell (level 5), 1 rage spell, 1 eq (Clan – 5 balloons, 1 haste or poison or eq) –
Apparently all dragons work on town hall 8 too. In fact I have hardly failed to score 3 stars on any town hall 8 base with this strategy. All dragon is the best attack strategy to use on Town hall 8 especially in clan wars. Destroy one Air Defense (which is either placed far away or falls directly in front of air sweeper) using 2 light spells and 1 eq. Deploy all your dragons along with clan balloons from the side where the remaining two A.D. are placed. As soon as the balloons and dragons reach in their range – RAGE THEM. Your dragons will punish those Air Defenses and destroy the whole base without showing any mercy. Your king might feel useless because he hardly support dragon or balloons.
So these are the best attack strategy for Town hall 8 in clash of clans.
Town Hall 8 Attack StrategiesTown Hall 8 Attack Strategies